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Actos Lawyers Can Help

A lot of people joke about those rapidly spoken warnings that itemize the possible side effects of prescription drugs simply because so many of those side effects seem worse than the conditions being treated. And while we may make light of these warnings, we should reconsider them.Jeff Meyer-048

Why? Because those pharmaceutical firms are actually doing what they are supposed to do by clearly outlining the risks of using their formulas. For instance, telling someone that a sleep medication may have the opposite effect or put the user at risk for migraines may sound like it is the opposite of good marketing, but it is at least an ethical and honest step.

What happens when a drug maker does not issue a clear warning about some potential risks of using their medications? We can learn what happens by exploring the drug known as Actos.

Many Seeking Actos Lawyers Right Now

Actos is a product of manufacturers Takeda and Eli Lilly. In the past few years it has become clear that this Type 2 diabetes medicine is directly related to patients developing bladder cancer, heart failure, and other serious health issues. This is a shocking set of facts, and why so many lawsuits have been filed and why Actos lawyers are stepping up to offer clients the help they need.

The basis for different lawsuits begins with traditional tort laws indicating that someone (whether an individual or group) caused avoidable harm or injury to another (whether an individual or group) through negligence. In the case of Actos, there are many ways this is revealed:

  • The makers did not warn physicians, pharmacists, or consumers that use of the drug for more than 12 months increased risks for bladder cancer.
  • They knowingly manufactured and marketed a defective drug.
  • They did not test the product fully.
  • They concealed their findings about the drug’s risks.
  • They made an unsafe product.
  • They sold it in spite of knowing its dangers.
  • They breached warranty by marketing and selling the unsafe drug.

Actos lawyers understand all of these different issues and are available for individuals and groups pursuing compensation for the harm caused to them (or loved ones) by using this unsafe pharmaceutical.

While it might seem that a class action lawsuit seeking to punish the makers of the drug and get it pulled from the market would be the only steps to take, Actos lawyers can actually pursue both Takeda and Eli Lilly in a number of ways. The following types of lawsuits are already being developed against the manufacturers of Actos, but you too can work with Actos lawyers to seek compensation for:

  • Medical bills – Treatment for bladder cancer or heart failure can be excessive, and you should not pay for them on your own if Actos was the cause.
  • Funeral expenses – If your loved one lost the battle against cancer or heart failure because of their use of Actos, your lawyer can help you obtain all of the funeral costs in addition to medical expenses.
  • Pain and suffering – Whether you suffered through illness due to Actos, or your loved one did as they battled disease caused by it, this too can be included in your lawsuit. Damage to your intimate relationships (known as loss of consortium) can be covered too.
  • Lost income – While recovering from illness you may have been unable to work (and your caregivers may have lost income too), and this expense can be sought in court.
  • Punitive damages – If you simply want to stop companies from behaving in this way, you can build a case meant to just punish those who would mislead and cause harm for profit.

It all has to begin with a consultation with an attorney familiar with the Actos issues.

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