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Why Hire a Bedsore Attorney?

Bedsore Lawyers Are Important to Your Case

Bedsores are common among the elderly and even more so among nursing home patients. Statistics indicate that more than 10% of nursing home patients have at least one bedsore.

They are challenging medical complaints simply because they form so easily on those who are forced to lead sedentary lives. For example, they are defined as lesions that come from the pressures of bones against tissue. The bone sitting in one place for too long can easily inhibit or cut off blood flow to the area beneath it, and this leads to the formation of the bedsore.

Though it seems like it would be impossible to prevent someone in a nursing home from getting a bedsore or two because of the nature of their condition, it is actually a legal obligation for nursing homes to document, treat, and attempt to prevent bedsores in their patients. Of course, with people who are paralyzed from comas or neurological disease, who are frail and weak, and who have poor circulation to begin with, it can be difficult, but it is the law.

This is why anyone who has a loved one in a nursing home, and who suffers from constant, chronic, or recurring bedsores must discuss the matter with bedsore lawyers.

Determine If There Is a Problem

Bedsores don’t just appear in an instant. There are four notable stages of development, and they range from a very obvious area of irritation to a deep lesion that is capable of reaching all of the way to the bone. This makes it easy for staff at nursing homes to recognize the warning signs and take the steps necessary to prevent the bedsores from progressing any farther.

In fact, federal regulations say that people likely to develop bedsores because of their status are to be monitored regularly for any signs, and to have care plans in place specifically to prevent the bedsores from beginning or growing worse. Regular checkups and ongoing care are the best ways of eliminating the problems, and specialized pads and clothing can also help.

However, you may need to contact bedsore lawyers because the staff fails to perform the appropriate care plan, and dangerous and painful sores appear. After all, anyone trained for nursing home work knows that a bedsore that goes beyond stage two is almost impossible to treat with any sort of ease. Infection, dead tissue, and even surgery may result from mistreated bedsores, and at any of these stages bedsore lawyers may advise you to bring a lawsuit.

When to Contact Bedsore Lawyers

We trust nursing homes to give loved ones the kind of attentive care that we know we cannot ourselves provide. This means the very basic sort of care – getting someone dressed each day, tending to their physical needs, ensuring they are comfortable and that they move around enough to satisfy medical needs each day, and more. Dealing with bedsores is all part of this essential care. A patient who develops serious bedsores has been neglected, and this means that you may have a case of abuse or negligence to deal with.

Sit down and review the matter with experienced bedsore lawyers to determine what to do. They may advise you to obtain your loved one’s medical records before proceeding as this can indicate that no negligence occurred and that it is simply due to a patient’s degrading condition. Of course, your bedsore lawyers’ advice might also help you see that negligence is ongoing and that your loved one is not getting the care provided.

Taking action against a nursing home can be scary because it may feel as if your loved one is at risk, but it is the best way to stop any negligence, correct the issue, and even prevent others from suffering the same treatment.

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