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Brachial Plexus Lawyers Can Help

No parent wants to think about their child being anything other than perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, that’s never going to be the case. Sadly, though, some parents will have to deal with truly tragic circumstances where their child’s health is concerned. One example of this is Erb’s palsy. If your child has been diagnosed with this condition, it’s important you speak with brachial plexus lawyers as soon as possible.

What Is Erb’s Palsy?

Erb’s palsy is a form of paralysis that affects some part of the arm, though its exact effects will vary. Some only incur partial paralysis, while others will be completely paralyzed.Hosuton brachial plexus lawyers

Brachial plexus lawyers are called into help because this paralysis usually could have been prevented. It happens because damage is done to the brachial plexus, which is a collection of nerves that run from the spine to the neck and down the arm all the way to the hand.

Obviously, Erb’s Palsy will cause a number of challenges for your child and family in the years to come. While it can be treated, there is no known cure, making it a lifelong affliction. That’s why you need to have brachial plexus lawyers represent you in filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Causes of Erb’s Palsy

As we just covered, Erb’s Palsy is often caused by a doctor during childbirth. However, it can also happen later on in life.

When it happens during birth, though, it’s usually because the doctor is trying to pull the baby out of the birth canal and tugs too forcefully on their arm. As a result, that damages the brachial plexus.

Other times, the baby is simply too large to make a natural birth safe. The right move on the doctor’s part would be to recommend caesarian section. If they don’t, the child’s brachial plexus can become harmed during the birth.

There are other reasons brachial plexus lawyers may recommend filing a lawsuit against the doctor who handled your child’s delivery too. It could be that they did a poor job of attending to you or your spouse during birth, which resulted in the brachial plexus injury. Perhaps they were negligent in some other way. Successful childbirths involve a number of variables, so it’s best not to guess.

Why You Need Brachial Plexus Lawyers

Any time a child is diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy that occurred during childbirth, parents should contact a qualified attorney. It’s better to have someone with professional experience look into this matter then make a judgment call on your own or take the word of the doctor.

You also want to do this as soon as possible so the statute of limitations doesn’t run out. The last thing you want is to find out that your child’s brachial plexus injury was someone’s fault, but you no longer have recourse because you waited too long.

Finally, keep in mind that medical malpractice suits are notoriously difficult to prove. This is why you want someone who has experience with brachial plexus injuries and going after doctors who are responsible for them.

Trying to file a lawsuit against a doctor on your own is almost always going to be fruitless. The doctor and the hospital they work for will have an army of attorneys ready to respond, to say nothing of their insurance agency. If they see you have a qualified attorney, though, they’ll be more likely to settle for something sufficient.

While it’s unlikely your child will be diagnosed with Erb’s palsy, you should be prepared just in case it happens. If you do get the news that your child has suffered this form of paralysis, call qualified brachial plexus lawyers immediately.



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