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Work With Depakote Attorneys to File Your Claim

Few people with epilepsy are ready to give up the medication they use to treat the condition, but this can make things very difficult during pregnancy. This is made painfully obvious by the lawsuits and legal issues now surrounding the use of the prescription medication known as Depakote. A popular drug for people with epilepsy, it is now known that it can cause birth defects when relied on by pregnant women hoping to control seizures.Houston Depakote Lawyers

The Current Issues

Though the FDA has not pulled the drug from the market, it took formal steps to force the manufacturer to issue warnings to physicians about the use of the drug for pregnant women. However, Depakote attorneys are also pursuing claims simply because the drug’s maker (Abbot Laboratories) has known of other side effects in addition to birth defects for quite some time.

It is a drug that is used primarily for epilepsy but is also being used for those with ADHD and hyperactive movement disorder. Regardless of why the drug has been prescribed, since 2006 more and more warnings and risks associated with it have appeared.

For example, Depakote attorneys pursue cases based on factors such as FDA warnings about 20% of women delivering babies with birth defects after using the drug during pregnancy, about suicidal thoughts by those using the drug, and about links between decreased cognitive function in children born to women who used the drug.

These warnings and statistics did not prevent many women from using their epilepsy medication without any awareness of the possible consequences. The reality is that the drug maker should have gone public with the information far sooner than they did, and so Depakote attorneys are now taking details of cases from a wide array of clients.

When to Speak With Depakote Attorneys

You may be wondering if you should sit down with Depakote attorneys to discuss your case, and the simplest answer is yes. This is because many are arguing that the manufacturer did not warn healthcare experts or the public about the risks, and a lawsuit brought against the manufacturer by the state of Arkansas also proves they behave carelessly. Though this particular lawsuit does not relate to birth defects, it does prove that the manufacturer has a habit of promoting “off label” use of the drug – another careless and negligent habit.

The company also demonstrated carelessness when promoting the use of the drug in dementia patients, which resulted in another lawsuit settled for more than one billion dollars in 2012. Clearly, there is a history of negligent behavior on the part of the manufacturer, and so Depakote attorneys for many different types of clients have ample cause to file claims.

If you are someone with epilepsy and you continued to use Depakote throughout pregnancy, your child was at tremendous risk for serious birth defects such as cleft palate, neural tube defects, spina bifida, underdevelopment, anencephaly, and heart defects. If they were born with any of these conditions, you must speak to an attorney immediately.

Look for attorneys with experience in the Depakote issues and/or personal injury law. They will know how to prove your case. You are obliged to prove that it was the drug that led to the birth defect, and that the manufacturer was negligent in a way that led to the sad outcome. This should not be difficult based on recent facts related to the manufacturer, but you will benefit the most from expert help. An experienced law firm is the best resource at such times and will be able to help you pursue the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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