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El Faro Incident

The El Faro incident is likely to go down in the annals of history as something that never should have happened.  In other words, something that would not have happened in the absence of negligence.  Something preventable.  Something that should have been stopped.  It is a tragedy.

As I write this I have just learned that the unidentified body of a crew member has been found.  We pray for the crew of the El Faro and the families of the crew of the cargo ship El Faro.

El Faro Lawsuit

The El Faro incident was preventable.  The owner of that vessel should have prevented this from happening.  Lawyers experienced in these type of cases should be contacted by the families.  The families of the crew of the El Faro should be careful of being approached by people they do not know well.  The names of the families have been published, and they may not realize that they are likely already being targeted by unscrupulous lawyers and their “investigators.”

I just hope that the families find themselves good lawyers to represent them in this tragedy.  I hope they do not hire just anyone.

TOTE Maritime is the owner of the El Faro. is the site set up by TOTE Maritime the owner of the vessel El Faro to provide updates on the status of the vessel and crew.

The families of the crew should talk to experienced lawyers.  Our hearts go out to the families.

El Faro Incident Is Eerily Similar To Maersk Alabama Incident

The Maersk Alabama was a vessel that sailed into pirate infested waters.  The El Faro entered a Hurricane.  The decision to enter into dangerous waters can be considered negligence and sailing into pirate infested waters is not so different from sailing into a hurricane.  Both involve a high degree of risk.  Both should be avoided.  An experienced lawyer will know how to handle claims where a ship is consciously pointed into a known hazard.
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