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Hernia mesh surgery survivors, does this sound like what happened to you?

  • You had a hernia mesh implant after 2005.
  • Then you suffered through a second or even third surgery to repair the area where you had your original mesh implant?

Hernia Mesh Repair or Revision Surgery Lawyers and Lawsuits.

Experienced lawyers and attorneys can help with a hernia mesh implant lawsuit. The fact of a revision or repair surgery is sometimes evidence that the original mesh implant was defective or that it otherwise failed or caused life-changing complications.

Find Out If You May Be Entitled To Substantial Compensation

  • Have you or a loved one had at least 2 hernia-related surgeries after 2005?
  • Was one of the surgeries an attempt to repair, fix or revise an earlier hernia mesh impant?

Does this sound familiar?

Did you or a loved one have a hernia mesh implant after 2005?

Did you or your loved one have to undergo a subsequent surgery to repair, fix or revise the original hernia mesh implant?

Hernia Mesh Implant Claims Related ToAlleged Defective Hernia Mesh Causing Need For Multiple Revision Surgeries

Hernia mesh is a medical device commonly used in hernia repair surgery. There are many manufacturers of hernia mesh products, including Ethicon, Bard and Atrium Medical. Hernia mesh should heal the hernia, but often it causes complications that are even worse than the hernia itself. Complications from hernia mesh often result in legal claims and lawsuits.

Defective Hernia Mesh Implant Claims Related ToEthicon, Bard and Atrium Mesh Products Are Being Handled By Hernia Mesh Attorneys

If medical devices, like a mesh implant for hernia repair, do not work and you are injured as a result, you may have a legal claim against the maker of the medical device. This is what is called a defective product claim and hernia mesh implant lawyers experienced in such claims can counsel you on whether you may have such a claim.

A hernia mesh lawyer can help.

Hernia mesh lawsuits have been filed pertaining to Bard, Ethicon and Atrium Medical hernia mesh implants. Talk to a hernia mesh lawyer to learn more about your rights and your specific situation.

It may be a defective hernia mesh product is to blame for the pain and complications suffered by a patient

How can a defective hernia mesh implant cause an injury?

A hernia mesh medical device can cause painful complications, including:

  • Encapsulation
  • Mesh Migration
  • Scarring
  • Pain

Defective Hernia Mesh Lawyers And Lawsuits

Did you or a loved one have to undergo a revision or repair surgery after a post-2005 hernia mesh implant?

Experienced product liability and mass tort lawyers and attorneys can help with legal claims involving defective medical products and devices that may have caused harm to a patient. An experienced attorney can investigate your claim related to a defective device and can counsel you on whether a hernia mesh lawsuit can be brought. Legal claims, including hernia mesh lawsuits, have deadlines and, therefore, if you think you suffered an injury you should contact a lawyer today. Before hiring any lawyer, you should consider the experience of that medical device attorney.

How Can An Experienced Medical Device Lawyer Or Attorney Help?

An experienced lawyer or attorney can provide you with legal advice concerning filing an individual lawsuit, monitoring deadlines, tracking proposed settlements and multi-district litigation, filing claims and providing general legal advice.

Hernia Mesh Implant Recall Information

Please contact us if you would like to seek additional information concerning whether hernia mesh recalls may affect the product at issue and what your rights pertaining to a recall and for any news or updates concerning a recall.

Hernia Mesh Failure Lawsuits

Did a medical product, such as a hernia mesh implant, cause a bad injury to be even worse because you were left with not only the original medical condition but harm caused by the product that was supposed to help you?

Hernia mesh implant lawsuits, and specifically Ethicon, Bard and Atrium Medical lawsuits, are the natural byproduct of corporate behavior that places money over safety. This is something not unfamiliar to hernia mesh attorneys. Oftentimes corporation, like those identified above, will put products on the market that do more harm than good. Oftentimes, these are due to cost concerns rather than concerns about safety. When this happens, often a mass tort or class action attorney, or specifically a hernia mesh implant attorney experienced in these matters, will gather the facts and evidence necessary to make a meritorious case against the defendants related to the alleged defect.

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