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Offshore Accident Lawyers

Those who spend their time working on oil rigs or on vessels that go out to sea know just how dangerous working in those areas can be. Even though there may be plenty of safety protocols that are supposed to be in place, accidents can and do happen regularly. Sometimes, they are serious enough to result in death. Those who have been a victim of an injury need to have the help of an offshore accident lawyer. There are laws that protect those who have been injured while they are offshore. Injured parties and their families deserve to have justice and compensation for damages they suffer, and offshore accident lawyers can ensure they get this help.

Types of Offshore Accidents

Many different types of injuries can take place on a ship and on an oil platform that is offshore. Workers can suffer all of the same types of injuries that they can experience while on land, but they have all of the added dangers of being offshore with which they have to contend. People may be injured by defective or misused equipment on the vessel, or they could slip and fall on a wet deck. Loose cargo can cause crushing injuries, particularly in a rough sea. It’s possible to fall overboard, and there are even incidents of explosions on oil platforms. These are just some of the many different types of injury that people can suffer.

Why do these types of injuries happen? Sometimes, it is a pure accident that causes the injury. Other times though, they occur because someone was being negligent in some way. The negligence could arise from the ship owner, or it could be the fault of someone else who is working on the ship. Your work environment should be as safe as possible, but that’s not always what people experience once they start working aboard ships and oil rigs. When negligence causes an injury of even a death, it is important that those who are at fault are brought to justice for it. Filing a suit against the negligent party is a good way to do this.

What Should You Do?

If you receive an injury while you are working offshore, after receiving medical attention, your next stop should be the office of offshore accident lawyers. The owners of the rigs or the ship will certainly have their own team of lawyers, and they will often try to spin the facts to make it seem as though the accident was your fault, which can absolve them of blame. They may even try to offer you a settlement if you agree not to sue them. Often, this settlement is egregiously low, and it will not really help you to deal with your injuries, pain and suffering, and other issues. Sometimes, they will even spin the blame onto the injured party so they do not have to pay for medical expenses.

Instead of going in blind, you need to have qualified offshore accident lawyers working on your side to help you get the justice and the compensation you deserve. The negligent party is responsible for your injuries, and they are the ones who need to take care of your damages. When you are working with a high quality and experienced attorney well-versed in the field of offshore and maritime law, you will have a much higher chance of getting the compensation you deserve

You’ve already suffered through a serious injury, or maybe you’ve lost someone you love to one of these offshore injuries. It is time that you started working with a Houston attorney who can help with offshore cases.


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