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Premise Liability Lawyers

All property owners have obligations when it comes to keeping their premises as safe and free of hazards as possible. Their buildings and the land all need to be safe for authorized visitors and for anyone who has business to be on the property. However, many property owners, for both residential and commercial properties, do not keep their property in shape, and that can lead to a number of different types of personal injuries, and even death in some cases. Property owners need to be accountable for this level of negligence.houston premise liability attorneys

What Can Cause Injuries?

You will find that many different things can cause injuries on premises, and even the types of injuries sustained are quite varied. One of the most common types of injuries is a slip and fall. This can occur because of a wet or uneven surface, a surface that has too much polish and wax, and even because of broken flooring. Staircase accidents are another big problem. Broken stairs and loose and broken railings can cause serious injuries, and they often result in slipping and falling.

While it is relatively rare, cases that involve electrocution can be the result of premises negligence as well. If a property owner does not maintain the electrical systems, and someone receives an injury through the normal use of the property, then it could result in a liability case against the owner. Not having proper security can also result in a premises liability case. On many properties, there is a certain understanding that those who come to the property will be safe and not have to worry about another causing harm to them. When that expectation is violated, and found to be due to the negligence of the property owner, then it could mean you have a case.

From poor materials and shoddy construction to violations of building codes and simple laziness, many things can cause injuries. It can be difficult to know exactly what will be an actual liability case, and that which is a simple accident that could be the fault of the injured party. The best way to know for sure is to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after the accident. They will be able to perform an investigation to learn more about the injury and the property to determine the cause. If they feel that you have a good case, they will likely offer to represent you.

 What Types of Injuries Occur?

The types of injuries from premises liability cases runs the gamut, as you would expect. Some of the most common types of injuries include broken bones, head injuries, burns, injuries to the spine, neck injuries, cuts and contusions, sprains, and electrical shocks. Of course, this is just a small list of the types of injuries that you or a loved one may have suffered. These injuries can be costly in terms of medical bills as well as your pain and suffering. You do not need to suffer through these injuries without help.

Talk With an Attorney

Take the time to get in touch with an attorney. A great Houston premise liability lawyer will be able to look at your case and provide you with some peace of mind. They can determine whether you have a case and the best way to pursue it. Those who have injuries that result from another person’s negligence should not have to suffer and pay for the medical costs themselves. Don’t try to negotiate with the other party on your own, and don’t trust what their insurance company tells you. Get help from the professionals as soon as you can.


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