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When to Find Risperdal Lawyers

Imagine your son or a young male member of your family being prescribed an atypical antipsychotic to help manage a condition such as psychosis, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. These are drugs designed to help regulate brain chemistry and allow a patient to lead a happier and healthier life. Now, imagine the drug prescribed causing side effects that created the need for surgery. And then, imagine that the side effects also had a heavy emotional impact or even emotional trauma.

Sadly, his is what boys who were prescribed Risperal may have to deal with. Legal claims are currently being filed by many families because the drug caused male breast tissue enlargement to such an extreme degree that some patients have had to undergo mastectomies to remove the tissue.

This is a terrible situation. A young boy struggling to gain balance in his mental health is given a drug that is supposed to provide ongoing support and benefits, and yet it causes him to experience an emotionally traumatizing condition and require a very invasive surgery! It is little wonder that Johnson & Johnson (along with its Janssen division) are the subject of so many lawsuits.houston risperdal lawyers

And this is why you must seek Risperdal lawyers with understanding of this issue if your loved one has endured such terrible side effects.

The Problems With Risperdal

Known by several names (risperidone, paliperidon, and “Invega”) in addition to Risperdal, it is now something that the U.S. Department of Justice claims was marketed illegally. It was placed on the market without FDA approval for use on children, and Johnson & Johnson then made matters worse by actively training its sales staff to encourage doctors to prescribe it to children.

As more cases have emerged and investigations have continued, it has become clear that the manufacturer was aggressively and actively marketing the drug for use on children and adolescents. This marketing includes paying physicians to advocate the drug for use on children and issuing company-wide directives to endorse it for use with children, too.

Unfortunately, the company was able to market in this way for almost a decade before regulators took action. Since then, large scale lawsuits have been created to address the harmful side effects, and a whole class of Risperdal lawyers has emerged to help consumers file lawsuits and seek compensation.

The Status of Risperdal

By 2012, state and federal agencies were collectively taking action to uncover and penalize the manufacturer. In 2012, 36 states negotiated settlements with the company, and even in 2013 and 2014, other states were settling claims against the drug firm. This does not mean that there is no longer any work for Risperdal lawyers because there are still cases to be filed and compensation to be paid to those who endured side effects.

In addition to the enlarged male breast tissue (known as gynecomastia), patients using the drug also developed diabetes, gained tremendous amounts of weight, and/or suffered strokes. Clearly, this means that further litigation is likely to occur and that Risperdal lawyers will be busy for some time to come.

If you have a child who suffered the side effects of this drug, you too have a claim to make against Johnson & Johnson. However, the first step is to have your case reviewed by skilled and knowledgeable Risperdal lawyers who will know how to pursue compensation effectively.

No child should suffer such emotionally difficult issues when relying on a medication that is supposed to help them. If your family has suffered because of the use of Risperdal or the other drugs of that kind, get in touch with Risperdal lawyers straight away.

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