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Social Security Disability Attorney’s Are the Key to Success

Did you know that getting Social Security disability is not just a matter of filing paperwork and receiving support? Instead, you have to put in a claim for benefits and prove that you should be getting the funding you have requested. There are many people who are denied Social Security disability payments, and who then have to struggle through the appeal process in order to get the support they need. In many cases, people turn to a qualified lawyer only after being denied, and this may not be the most effective way of pursuing the matter.

Instead, it is a good idea to identify the right lawyer first, and to work with them to ensure that you are presenting the best claim possible.houston social security attonreys

How to Find the Right Social Security Disability Lawyer

Everyone applies for Social Security disability for different reasons. You may be disabled in a serious accident or a long term and progressive disease may have forced you to seek support. Regardless of just why it is you are seeking Social Security, you need to find a lawyer who has a background with your specific type of disability. And how do you do that? You have to do a bit of the legwork and make calls to the lawyers in your area. Though it seems like a time consuming step, it is of the utmost importance because it will give you the best chance of success.

After all, someone who is not familiar with your condition may not have any idea of how to best argue your case and help you get the support you need. Finding the right representation during the initial application period is often the best way to obtain your disability benefits from the start, but even if you are denied and must appeal, you still want to have an experienced lawyer assisting you with every step of the way.

If you find yourself before the Appeals Council it is always going to be to your advantage to be there with a skilled and professional Social Security disability lawyer since it shows you are serious about the matter and dedicated to the right outcome.

What About Payments?

A lot of people start the process of seeking Social Security disability benefits with a non-lawyer representative, and you should know that you are going to end up paying this non-professional the same amount of money as you would an experienced attorney. The smartest choice, then, is to just go with the expert at the beginning. Remember, too, that almost all lawyers will operate on a contingency fee. That means that you only pay them if your application is approved and you receive benefits. Then, you will pay the fees that the attorney requested right from the start.

Most of the time the professionals limit their fees only to a percentage of past due benefits, and if you are not owed any past due or back payments the lawyer will not receive a fee at all. So, it doesn’t cost anything to hire an experienced attorney familiar with disability applications, and you only pay what you agree to right at the beginning of the working relationship. It is likely that you will be owed back pay, and so it can be assumed that your attorney will receive the fee requested.

When there are out of pocket expenses, they are usually your responsibility, but many quality and experienced lawyers pay these up front and then deal with such expenses once the client has been given their back pay or past due benefits. In the end, it just makes sense to hire a lawyer as soon as you know you will apply for disability benefits from Social Security.

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