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Three Reasons to Find Talcum Powder Lawyers Now

Did you know that the medical industry has long been aware of the harms caused to babies who inhaled talcum powder? Did you also know that some research is also indicating there might be links between the development of mesothelioma and some brands of powder, as well? In addition to those two issues, there are now lawsuits being filed against talcum powder manufacturers (like Johnson & Johnson) because of the links between the use of their product and the development of certain cancers?houston talcum powder lawyers

So, there are now three different reasons people may need to work with talcum powder lawyers today and to determine if they should file some sort of lawsuit to seek compensation for damages. However, it is really that third group – women who developed ovarian cancer after using talcum powder – that is the most active.

How Talcum Powder Makers Are Liable

While you might feel that the maker of a talcum powder is not all that liable to someone who uses this OTC (over the counter) product, the reality is that most manufacturers have long known about the risks. It is this that has led several groups to rely on talcum powder lawyers to help them file individual as well as class action lawsuits against such massive firms as Johnson & Johnson.

Essentially, for many years medical studies have expressed a direct link between long-term use of talcum powders in the perineal region and the subsequent development of ovarian cancer. Many women rely on talc-based powders to help with moisture, chafing, and odor, and all without any warnings that this may cause them harm. Additionally, many women unknowingly increase exposure because some birth control methods (such as diaphragms) may be exposed to the powders and carry them into the vaginal tract.

Why did the makers of talcum powders not print warnings on the containers? And especially in light of the studies that proved talc to present a risk if used over the long term in the vaginal area? It is just those questions that have led to talcum powder lawyers filing individual and class action lawsuits.

What You Can Do

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and you are also someone who has relied on talcum powder for many years, you may be entitled to some sort of compensation from those who make, market, and sell the products without warning consumers about the risks and dangers. To determine whether or not you have a case, spend some time searching for qualified talcum powder lawyers.

You will want to choose lawyers with experience in product liability and personal injury, but also seek those who are currently serving as talcum powder lawyers as well. There are already two class action cases (meaning a huge pool of plaintiffs bringing suit against a manufacturer) based on the company’s negligence, breach of warranty, and violation of consumer and professional rights and codes.

Interestingly enough, one of the largest cases has been filed by someone who did not develop cancer. She decided to get in touch with talcum powder lawyers and file a lawsuit simply to protect other women. In this lawsuit, it is explained that the manufacturer being sued (Johnson & Johnson) had known since 1961 that prolonged use of talcum near the vaginal area was harmful to health and likely to cause cancer.

Based on the facts and the current status of talcum powder cases, it is likely that many lawsuits will be filed in coming years. Speak to lawyers about your case, how you might go about proving your claims, and how to proceed.

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