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Thank you for contacting us about a potential claim. I wanted to pass on some information to you about our process.

We work on a contingency, or percentage, basis. We do not represent any clients without a signed, written engagement letter and we do not represent any defendants in lawsuits. This usually means we only represent people who are hurt in some way, and not corporations or businesses. Our client engagement sets out, among other things, that we never charge our clients unless we recovery money on their claim.

We now have some information about your potential claim, but probably not enough that we can make a decision about whether we can offer to represent you. You may also have questions for us. You should. So please do not hesitate to send us an email at with any questions you might have and please also do not hesitate to send us more information about your claim, whether it is more details about what happened or the injuries suffered by those affected.

In short, interact with us. We are people just like you and we love what we do and we genuinely want your experience to be a good one. We can’t represent everyone who contacts us, that is the just the nature of what we do. But we do strive to provide quality, meaningful communications with anyone that visits our site.