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Whistleblower Lawyers Are a Must

Were you brave enough to be a whistleblower? It can be one of the most challenging decisions to make because whistleblowers may risk their jobs, reputations, and even their safety to point out wrongdoing. For example, whistleblowers are those who provide information that proves some sort of illegal activity such as corruption or fraud. They are frequently employees or colleagues of those on whom they are blowing the whistle, and because of that there is always a heavy emotional burden for anyone who takes a stand.Houston Whistleblower Attorneys

Though blowing the whistle is usually the right thing to do, it does come with risks. After all, those whose illegal activities you are reporting may try to turn the tables on you and paint you as a villain, liar, or even as a criminal. There are actually a lot of legal issues that may come into the equation, and so the first step that any whistleblower must do is to find and consult with experienced whistleblower lawyers.

Legal Counsel is Essential

Let’s say that you have information about wrongdoing in a private or even a government organization. Who do you go to in order to report the information? How do you know that you will be safe if you do so? This is one of the main reasons that whistleblower lawyers are so important. They can help you make the smartest and safest choices, and can serve as your intermediary when the time comes to hand information to the appropriate parties.

Of course, they are not just couriers and counselors, they are protectors of your rights because one of the first things that tends to happen in whistleblower cases is that those accused of wrongdoing seek retaliation. This may not be some outlandish revenge act but simply a lawsuit that is almost as devastating to your reputation as the facts you are so bravely presenting to the public.

Though you may be rewarded for uncovering the truth and being brave enough to speak out, you may also find that you are punished in relatively covert ways. You may be demoted at your place of employment, you may find that you are discriminated against in your industry, and you may even be fired. Any of these things is illegal, and is another reason to have whistleblower lawyers on your side from the very beginning.

The laws protecting those who would serve as whistleblowers emerged out of the Civil War in the United States during the 1860s. At that time there were many war profiteers at work, and their acts of fraud actually put lives in danger. This grew to be so severe that President Lincoln enacted laws to protect whistleblowers, and reward them, as well.

Today, those laws (or their foundations) are still in place, but you will need the skilled work of whistleblower lawyers to help you use them to keep yourself protected.

When to Contact Whistleblower Lawyers

When you feel that you must step up and be a whistleblower, you should do so only after working with whistleblower lawyers. Whether you are going to report illegal activity in a business or organization, show misconduct of someone in authority, or report something of public interest, it should be with the support of a legal expert. Remember too that whistleblowers may work within their own firms and not in the public forum, and here too, a skilled lawyer is a key to protection and safety.

Don’t fear doing the right thing…fear being too intimidated to do it. When you are ready to uncover fraud or corruption, speak with a lawyer first and then take action.

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