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Should You Join the Zofran Lawsuits?

Most women know that pregnancy is a time of tremendous change, and one of the unpleasant changes is called “morning sickness”. This is a period that can last for months and it is caused by changes in hormones that make a woman nauseated and may cause vomiting on a frequent basis. In some women the condition can become dangerous because the vomiting is so severe as to lead to dehydration or illness, or the nausea so intense that the expectant mother just cannot get the nutrition she and her baby need. This is why medical experts seek as many remedies as possible, including prescription drugs.

Unfortunately, the search for medications to help reduce the symptoms of morning sickness led to physicians doing something known as going “off label”. This is when a drug used (and officially tested) for one sort of health problem is used to address another (and one that it was not tested for). People who are suffering nausea and vomiting due to cancer treatments often experience some of the same symptoms as women with morning sickness, and so a drug used for patients fighting cancer has been given to pregnant women. That drug is called Zofran, and it is currently the focus of many Zofran lawsuits.houston zofran lawyers

What Went Wrong

Though physicians in the United States and other parts of the world can (and in some places frequently do) give women Zofran, it is now known that using it comes with serious risks for birth defects in a baby. Even worse, and as many Zofran lawsuits clearly state, morning sickness occurs most often during early pregnancy. This is a time when a baby is going through some of the most important developmental stages. So, the risks of birth defect during such an important time in pregnancy make matters far, far worse.

When reading the details of Zofran lawsuits you see that common birth defects include:

  • Heart defect
  • Mouth or oral deformity
  • Musculoskeletal deformity
  • Severe jaundice

Because of these claims and the subsequent Zofran lawsuits, studies are underway and some initial findings don’t really clear up the facts. Some groups discovered that the use of the drug is not problematic or risky while other groups determined that using the drug caused double the risk for certain defects. This information is important to those who were prescribed the drug and whose children suffered birth defects because of it. It is also important for mothers too because it has been found that pregnant women experience many side effects from the use of the drug too. They have found that they feel faint, dizzy, and short of breath. Women report having hives and body swelling, constipation, difficulty breathing and swallowing, and even irregular heartbeat too.

What Zofran Lawsuits

If your baby was born with birth defects and you were prescribed Zofran, you may want to explore your options among existing Zofran lawsuits or speak with an attorney about filing your own. You should know that you already have a lot of legal strength to stand on because the manufacturer has already settled a case with the U.S. Department of Justice, and may face more. This is because they promoted the “off label” use, knowing that it hadn’t been properly tested on pregnant women.

The studies of this drug’s impact are ongoing, and doctors should give their patients the full details about it before administering it. If you were not warned about its risks and suffered any side effects, speak to a lawyer right away. The medical bills, pain and suffering, and problems caused by this negligence should not be yours to bear alone.

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