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Defective Product Lawyers

Have you or someone in your life suffered an injury because of some type of product that you used? If you have, then there is a chance that you could have a defective product suit on your hands. This means you will need to work with a defective product lawyer to get the help you need and to bring those at fault to justice and to receive compensation for your injuries. Understanding the ins and outs of these types of cases is not an easy task. There are many different types of claims that are possible, but most of the time, they will fall into one of three different categories – defective manufacturing, defective design, or failure to provide warnings.

It’s important to understand each of these different areas so you will have a better idea of how the attorney will approach your case. It can also give you a better idea of whether you have a valid claim or not, even before you contact a lawyer.Houston Defective Product Lawyers

Defective Manufacturing

If the product that caused the injury had a defect during the manufacturing process, such as when the factory put it together, then you could have a case. These types of defects are unique to one or a select number of units and the other units that are on the market will be free of this defect. Some examples of this type of defect include a toy that has parts that are loose and easily swallowed by children, a bicycle that doesn’t include working brakes, or a playpen that has a faulty locking mechanism.

In order to qualify for a lawsuit, the injury sustained must have come directly from the result of the manufacturing defect. This should be obvious in most cases, and it is certainly something that your defective product lawyer will want to ensure before pursuing your case.

Defective Design

The next item is defective design. This means that the actual design of the product is somehow dangerous, and all of the products are dangerous – not just a select few as might happen with defective manufacturing. An example of this might a vehicle that has faulty airbags. A fan that has a guard that’s large enough to allow fingers to get inside to the fan blades is another example. As with the previous type of defect, the injury that you or a loved one sustains needs to stem directly from the defect.

Failure to Provide Proper Warnings

This type of liability claim does not necessarily result from a defect in the product, but rather with a lack of instructions and warnings about the product and the proper use. This typically applies to cases where there is some type of danger from using the product that is not necessarily obvious to the person who is using the product. For example, if a medicine were to fail to warn that it causes drowsiness, or that a chemical is harmful to the skin, it would be an issue with failure to provide proper safety warnings. Again, the victim’s injury needs to stem from this failure.

What If You Are a Victim?

If you or a loved one has received an injury that falls into one of the three categories above, it is a good idea to get in touch with defective product lawyers. They will be able to take a closer look at your case to see whether there is a possibility of receiving damages for your injuries. Take your time to choose a Houston attorney who has experience in the area of defective products. They will let you know just what to expect at every step of your case.


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