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What Insurance Litigation Attorneys Do

We all have some form of insurance or another. Most of us actually have more than one. Whatever the case, though, they all serve the same purpose. People expect that, if they pay their premium on time, their insurance company will be there for them when the worst case scenario occurs. Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn’t happen. Every year, people will find an already bad circumstance get much worse when they learn their insurance company isn’t there for them. If this ever happens to you, call insurance litigation attorneys litigation attorneys houston

Your Responsibility as the Insured

Paying your premiums is an essential responsibility of anyone with insurance. If you neglect to do this, you can hardly expect your insurance company to go to bat for you. You also won’t have much of a case for your insurance litigation attorneys to present in court either.

However, there are also other expectations the law requires you to meet as a customer with insurance. When something does happen, you need to file the claim promptly. You must supply the insurance company with any and all supporting documents that a claim requires. Furthermore, if they ask you questions regarding the claim, it is your duty to answer them as soon as possible. Basically, you need to be as helpful as you can be.

Obviously, you must be truthful as well and submit to taking an oath that your claim is honest to the best of your knowledge.

The Responsibilities of the Insurance Company

The insurance company also has to meet certain requirements, mandated by the law. For one thing, they have to make an effort to justify your claim. Insurance litigation attorneys often win because they can prove that a claims adjuster made absolutely no effort to actually cover the customer. Instead, they just went right into researching how to deny it.

They also must work with you. Filing a claim is really a cooperative effort. Just like you’re expected to answer their questions, they’re expected to do the same. Your agent or the adjuster needs to be prompt in discussing any and all matters with you.

If your claim gets denied, the insurance company must communicate this to you in writing and notify you of the reason for their decision. This means pointing out, in the contract, why they will not be paying you.

Finally, insurance companies have to act quickly. They can’t put your claim off or otherwise drag their feet or insurance litigation attorneys will have little trouble taking them to court and winning.

Why Insurance Litigation Attorneys Are Essential

There are some legal issues where you may feel perfectly comfortable handling things on your own. Whether or not that’s a good idea is debatable. What isn’t, though, is trying to handle insurance litigation on your own. If you plan on going after an insurance company, you absolutely have to have a qualified attorney on your side to do so.

Given their size and how much money they have on hand, you have to know that insurance companies will definitely have representation. They will be qualified attorneys who focus solely on this type of law too.

If they see you’re trying to take them on without a lawyer, you can expect they’ll try to talk you into a settlement. They may even offer you a sizable amount. However, that money will be nothing compared to how much you could recoup if you had an experienced attorney backing you.

No one should have to receive the news that their claim has been denied or be delayed in receiving what’s rightfully theirs. If this happens to you, call qualified insurance litigation attorneys as soon as you can and fight back.



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