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When to Contact Testosterone Lawyers

Drugs are patented products, meaning that those who create them get to enjoy the financial benefits from their sale and distribution for a specific period of time. When the initial patent comes to an end the formula may be put into the open market, and this is so often the reason behind drug makers “discovering” new disorders and diseases that their drugs can help to manage. Sometimes, the issues are real and sometimes they are not as valid as they should be, but they allow the drug maker to retain their exclusive patent rights for a longer period of time.Houston, Texas Testosterone Lawyers

This is an annoying reality about the modern pharmaceutical world, and yet it is more than just a sign of greed. It is also something that leads to people using drugs for which they were not created or in an inappropriate way. Consider the issue of testosterone use and the condition called “Low T”. This is meant to describe an actual condition called hypogonadism, which impacts no more than 5% of the men of the world.

When a man has an actual case of hypogonadism, it warrants treatment with testosterone to help him overcome the problems that this condition might create. When men do not have it, and yet get “Low T” treatment, it is now known to put them at risk for heart problems, stroke, and cardiac arrest – among other issues.

This is why there are now testosterone lawyers at work, seeking to help those injured by the inappropriate use of such treatment to obtain compensation for damages or loss.

The Complex Issues

Of course, as in any case in which a pharmaceutical company is being pursued for damages, it is up to those seeking damages to prove that it was the product that led to injury or loss as well as proving that the maker of the drug knew of the risks and still marketed the compounds. This is a tremendous amount of material to manage and present, and it is why testosterone lawyers are a must.

First of all, if you did get testosterone for something like Low T, and yet you were not tested for it, you need to determine if your physician is also to be included in your case. Your testosterone lawyers can ask and answer such questions. Then, you need to consider which pharmaceutical company your testosterone was from and whether it was marketed in a way that suggested those without true hypogonadism would benefit, medically, from its use.

There are many testosterone lawyers pursuing drug makers along these lines. They build their clients’ cases on the fact that misleading claims about the benefits of drugs for Low T were made by the manufacturers. For instance, many have been prescribed various kinds of testosterone in order to give them more energy, vigor, strength, and muscle building capacity. These things have nothing to do with the symptoms ascribed to hypogonadism (which include low to no libido, unnatural fatigue, and infertility).

If you were someone prescribed testosterone because you were told that it would offer benefits, but had nothing to do with the condition known as Low T, you need to meet with testosterone lawyers and review your case. If you suffered heart problems or congestive failure after beginning to take the testosterone supplements, it is likely that you have a valid claim.

However, you need to work with experienced testosterone lawyers who are aware of the different class action and individual lawsuits currently under way. There are more than one thousand cases against the makers of testosterone because of their inappropriate and somewhat illegal marketing and promoting tactics. Don’t feel that you have no case; speak to attorneys first and then decide whether to move forward or not.

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