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Truck Accident Lawyers

All accidents involving motor vehicles are serious. However, when there is an accident that involves a commercial truck and a passenger car, those who are in the smaller vehicle will generally have the most damage and the greater injuries. Because the truck is simply larger and more powerful, the smaller cars do not stand a chance, and the results are often devastating, sometimes even resulting in death. These cases, since they deal with things such as compliance with trucking safety regulations, can be extremely difficult.houston truck accident attorneys

The Injuries Can Be Deadly

Because of the nature of the accident, the injuries can be quite severe. They can result in broken bones, lacerations, as well as loss of limb and life. Back injuries are quite common as well. These injuries can result in large medical expenses, as well as time away from work, which can put serious pressure on the victim’s finances. In some cases, the victim may even succumb to his or her injuries.

Who Is At Fault?

Determining who is at fault is extremely important in these cases, and you will want to work with experienced truck accident lawyers to help you with the case. The lawyers will want to know about the parties involved including the trucker and the company for which they work. They will also want to learn about the truck manufacturer, as a defect in the truck could mean that the manufacturer was actually at fault.

The lawyers will also want to know more about the actions that they driver took, including their training and credentials, as well as their mental and physical state. Often, they will want to test for drugs and alcohol in the system. They will want to look at the maintenance records for the vehicle, the driver’s logs, and even the conditions on the roadway at the time of the accident. All of these elements can play a very important role when it comes to determining who is truly at fault for the accident.

In addition, the truck accident lawyers will want to check into the safety record of the trucking company, police reports, and even the cell phone records of the driver and the trucking company. For example, if they can prove that the driver was talking on the phone at the time of the accident, it should be relatively easy to prove negligence.

Keep in mind that following an accident, the trucking company will have their own investigators on the scene, and they will be trying to find evidence that the driver of the passenger vehicle was at fault. Because the trucking company will go into action with their own drivers so quickly, it means that you simply can’t waste any time either. You need to get in touch with truck accident attorneys as soon as possible.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

Many different things can cause truck accidents, but many of them do stem from the negligence and actions of the driver. For example, being on the phone, taking drugs and drinking, and driving while tired are all common causes of truck accidents. If you’ve been a victim, then you could receive damages that can help to take care of your medical bills and loss of earning, as well as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and much more.

If you have been the victim in a truck accident, then you need to get in touch with truck accident lawyers as soon as possible after the accident. You want them on the case as quickly as you can get them there so they can gather evidence while it is still fresh.


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