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We want you to ask about pricing.

We want you think about your personal injury claim as an important asset, perhaps the most important one that you own. We want you to get the very most out of your case. It’s important, and if something’s important, it is worth openly talking about.

Standard fees

Our standard fee is 40% of the recovery. We pay all co-counsel retained through our process out of this 40%.

No out of pocket costs, ever. Litigation expenses are always advanced on our clients’ behalf and are only deducted from the clients’ share in the event of a recovery of money.

No recovery, no fee. Our clients do not owe us anything unless there’s a recovery of money.

Our Co-Counsel are 100% paid out of MLAW’s share of the fees.

Our clients never pay more than 40% in fees, no matter how many additional law firms are retained through our service.

The client must consent in writing to the addition of any co-counsel, The Meyer Law Firm provides recommendations and the decision is always the client’s whether to approve such recommendations.

The Attorney Retainer Agreement controls over any contrary language contained in this website or anywhere else and any client should read it carefully before signing.

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MLAW is an innovator in catastrophic personal injury legal representation whose clients have settled over $362 million in personal injury claims over a 6 year period ending in 2022.


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