“co-counsel” — noun

An attorney who assists in or shares the responsibility of representing a client.

– Merriam-Webster dictionary

One of two or more lawyers working together on a legal case.

– Cambridge dictionary

The co-counsel model of legal representation is often used by large, sophisticated corporate defendants when their corporate legal department decides they need specific skills and talents from lawyers at different law firms. For example, a corporation will often have one law firm handle discovery, while another law firm is local counsel and a combination of law firms share the responsibility for different aspects of liability or damages and different fact and expert witnesses to give them what they believe is the greatest advantage to win.

MLAW is an innovator in personal injury law which uses the co-counsel model of legal representation for victims of single-event catastrophic personal injuries.

We have an extensive library of data about settlement outcomes sorted by case type, injury type and venue. We also have decades-long relationships with go-to law firms that have set records in different specialty areas.

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MLAW is an innovator in catastrophic personal injury legal representation whose clients have settled over $362 million in personal injury claims over a 6 year period ending in 2022.



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